Windy Wonderland Run and the Sofa Decision

by Paul Thompson
We woke up the next morning to the sound of the wind rattling the windows. We react to wind very differently. Coming from the UK, I am quite used to being buffeted by wind while out running. Shamala, however, does not enjoy being blown about. We decided to cover familar ground today by running on the trails around Wonderland Lake.

The Run
I passed under North Broadway on one of the many concrete cycle ways that criss-cross Boulder. Within minutes I was descending a steep incline bearing down on Wonderland Lake. At this point I saw Matt Reed, a USA Olympic Triathlete, coming the other way. We shared that knowing look us athletes often give when we meet one another. The lake was almost half frozen over and on the second lap I passed Shamala. She had thought it would be much colder and was a tad over-dressed.

Wonderland Lake partially frozen

Today I decided to try for something a bit different so I traversed one of the hiking trails up the Foothills. The path was narrow, rocky and steep but within minutes rewarded me with spectacular views of Boulder and the plains beyond. I barely managed to keep running such was the combined effects of altitude, steep trail and tip-toeing over rocks. I then descended back into Boulder, passed Wonderland Lake, crossed Lee Drive and ended the run with a loop of the North Foothills. All told around 10 miles in 70 minutes.

Post Run
Post run activities were much like the day before. Breakfast at Spruce Confections and then more sofa hunting. Paul had come to the conclusion that he couldn’t share an apartment with a burgundy sofa but was open to the chocolate brown if we didn’t see anything better and it could be delivered before we had to leave for the airport at noon the next day. We headed back to Concepts and bought our second piece of furniture. And since it’s a sleeper sofa we can now host (short and thin at least) friends and family.

For dinner we decided to see if we could find something suitable from Lucky’s Market, our nearest supermarket. It’s an independent supermarket and sold organic produce years before it became expensive and trendy. It’s produce and clientele are poles apart from our local A&P in Peekskill, NY. We knew our dinner choices would be constrained by the lack of cooking implements in our kitchen. We decided that we’d go for an Indian menu – naan bread and bags of palak paneer and black lentils which just needed 90 seconds of microwaving. It would not be hard being vegan or vegetarian in Boulder.

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