Hidden Valley and Leaving Boulder

by Paul Thompson and Shamala Kandiah Thompson
This was our last morning in Boulder and we had planned an early run so that we’d be back in time for the sofa delivery.

Paul’s Run
After two hard days training today was a recovery run, if there is such a thing at altitude. I ran six miles in around 42 minutes on familiar ground – up North Broadway, then Hidden Valley, a loop around Mesa Reservoir, down to Eagle Trail and up the long, grinding ascent of Cobalt Trail.

View from Eagle Trail

This time I took Shamala’s iPhone and mapped the route on Runmeter. Being a work day it was quiet: not a single runner or cyclist and just one walker. There were, however, many marmots hard at work excavating. While it was dry, the skies were a little overcast, not the brilliant crisp blue that we have come to associate with Boulder.

As I headed home Shamala’s phone rang.  I considered not answering since it seemed to break the protocol of training in Boulder – getting away from it all. However, curiosity got the better of me, as it usually does. I saw it was a local number and figured it was the sofa deliverymen. It was. As my gloved fingers fought with the iPhone I was just able to take the call. They were on their way. Imagine delivermen early. I told them I was a 15 minute run away but that Shamala should be back to receive them. Shamala had headed out earlier to try and get back just in case they came early – just as well.

Testing out the new sofa

Sofa Delivery and Flight Home
The delivery went smoothly and we even had time to test the sofa before heading to the airport.

We ended up spending most of the afternoon in Denver International Airport (fortunately one of the best US airports for hanging around when you have time to kill) due to a flight delay – wet weather in Newark had caused flights to backup. This was the third time we’d experienced a lengthy delay on this exact same Southwest flight. And for the third time we succumbed to a consolation prize of burger and fries. Touching down in Newark at 11pm we finally got to bed at 3am in Peekskill.

On this trip we got in some great runs, added the first piece of furniture to the lounge, and renewed our determination to find a way to spend more time in Boulder.

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