Boulder with the Boys

We are back in Boulder for a few days. this time with two of Paul’s Warren Street running mates, Sebastien and Fabio. Paul’s been extolling the virtues of the Boulder trails and now they’re going to experience it for themselves.  So it’s just me, three running addicts and four days in Boulder. And when obsessive runners get together in Boulder it’s quickly becomes boot camp at altitude. In the last three days the boys have racked up 40 miles and they still have one more long run planned. (Paul’s will be giving details of the runs they did in his next post. )

Boulder had been hit with one of its largest snow storms a few weeks ago and we didn’t know if the trails would still be covered by snow and ice.  New York winters have gotten us used to not being able to run off-road once there have been a couple of big snow storms. There had been some snow on Wednesday night and the foothills  had a coating of white. We found the trails, however, generally clear bar the odd icy patch.  I managed to take a few photos on the Wonderland Trail which was good because the next day it had all melted away!

The Foothills with a dusting of snow

I had decided to try working remotely so spent more time with my computer than outdoors on Thursday and Friday. But with New York two hours ahead of Boulder I could still get out for a run before dark when things at work slowed down. Friday late afternoon I headed toward Boulder Reservoir on the North Boulder trails. It was perfect conditions both for running as well as taking photos and I could feel myself quickly slipping into a Boulder state of mind.

Lake on the way to Boulder Reservoir

Blue skies and cylists are part of the Boulder landscape

This stand alone hill can be seen from most of the trails in North Boulder


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