Boulder to Boston

by Paul Thompson

This past weekend was the first time I’d trained in Boulder with anyone else. Sure Shamala and I often start out together but typically next see each other at the end of our run, often at our favorite post run coffee venue, the North Boulder branch of Spruce Confections (the scones, especially raspberry-cream cheese, hit the spot after a hard run).

My sparring partners were Fabio Casadio and Sebastien B. who’d come to Boulder to get in some hard training at altitude as part of their build up to the Boston Marathon. Fabio and Sebastien are hoping to break their PRs of 2:42 and 2:29 respectively. So for 4 days we went at it hammer and tongs – until we could barely stand anymore let alone run.

We did most of our running on the North Boulder trails. They offer undulating off-road running with breathtaking (what breath there was left to take) vistas of the snow sprinkled Flatirons, mountains which visually define Boulder. The sun shone and the skies were a perfect blue. Temperatures were often in the 40s. But when the wind blew the windchill took it into single digit fahrenheit.

Here’s a blow-by-blow account:

Day 1 – steady 10 miles –

Day 2 AM – steady 6 miles –

Day 2 PM –  4 mile fast tempo with warm up and long warm down –

Day 3 – 13 mile steady run –

Day 4 – 14 mile steady run –

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