The Last Supper

by Paul Thompson and Shamala Kandiah Thompson

Paul and I  are in Boston to cheer on Warren Street club mates, and others we know, running the Boston Marathon this year. Yesterday evening we met up with many of them and their supporters at Vapiano for an early carbo loading dinner.

On the eve before the marathon, this restaurant clearly catered to the running crowd. Instead of high heels, running shoes were the footwear of choice among the majority of customers.  And instead of wine, a free flow of Gatorade was offered to those running the marathon and ordering pasta.

The motto of the restaurant – “chi va piano, va sano e lontano” –  did worry a few of the runners. Apparently it translates into he who goes slowly goes healthfully for a long time. But given the heat expected on race day perhaps it was wise advice.

The restaurant was true to its word in other ways – with slow service which prompted that pre-race itchy feet runners suffer from. Routine and pre-race running talk was order of the day. Most runners ate exactly what they eat the night before a big race. And conversation was strictly limited to the usual running verbage – PRs, past races, but most especially the heat and how to cope with the expected 87F at noon. It looks set to be the hottest ever so caution, regulat hydration and running in whatever shade is on offer is the best advice to give. Watch this space for the race report later today.

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