Back to Boulder

by Paul Thompson and Shamala Kandiah Thompson

We’re back in Boulder for a longer period than usual. The longest since buying our place here in fact. And long enough to get adjusted to the 5000 ft plus altitude. Paul’s parents have come up for two weeks – a direct flight on British Airways from London Heathrow to Denver International Airport (DIA). We arrived a day earlier to get the place set for ‘normal’ visitors – that is other than runners who don’t need any creature comforts.

On touching down we hopped on a free 5 minute shuttle to the car hire centre – a strip mall of almost every conceivable car hire company you can imagine. DIA is one of the most convenient fly-drive airports – from gate to hire car in 30 minutes with no check-in bags. In fact this perhaps helps explain why DIA is often voted one of North America’s best airports. It is one of the world’s busiest airports by aircraft movements and passengers and the 2nd largest in the world by land area. It also comes with a spectacular roof.

Denver Aiport with its roof inspired by the peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

Barely an hour later we were at IKEA Centennial in south Denver – a huge complex for DIY home maker enthusiasts. 30 minutes later and we were lost, tired and confused – by the choices, the circutious routing through the building, and caffeine deprivation. But we did manage to come out of there with a table and four chairs so the folks could eat off a table rather than the floor. Of course there is a catch – they are self assemble.

We finally got to the apartment in north Boulder at 4 pm and decided that a short run in Wonderland Lake might revive us. It was hard work, as it usually is on our first few mile high runs. But it was great way of getting back into the swing of things here in Boulder.

Wonderland Lake and the Flatirons.

The nice thing about having visitors is that we get a chance to share some of the things we love about Boulder. But before we could collect them from DIA on Sunday evening we had a job to do. Assemble a dining table and four chairs. Not surprisingly Paul had a sleepless night with nightmares – of allen keys and ‘simple’ wordless instructions. Did he succeed? You’ll get the low-down on blisters, sunburn and more running tales in our next post.

Paul working on putting together the table.

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