Where Am I Running?

by Paul Thompson

This short article will strike some of you as one of those annoying puzzles where you will be given some clues, some deliberately intended to lead you astray but if you persevere and piece them together you’ll have the satisfaction of cracking it.

I am on a work trip. Arriving at the hotel I ventured out with my Philly Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon top mid-afternoon. It was quite warm and sunny unusual for this place I thought. The first thing that struck me after running for about 2 miles was the sight of a young woman talking to some penguins. Then a little while later I saw a teepee – no sign of Native Americans just a few kids making mischief.

Teepee – somewhere in North America?

Almost right next door to the teepee was a fake rocky mountain. It appeared to have some animals on it – bears possibly – but they were too shy to show their faces.

Fake rocky mountain – in Colorado?

I then crossed a road – I looked the wrong way as I’ve gotten used to cars on the other side. A cinder running track came into view – it had long straights and very tight bends. An old fella was jogging round: he was dressed somewhat similar to the athletes on Chariots of Fire and could have come straight out of the era that film portrays. Then almost immediately I crossed a canal with some warthogs on one bank.

Cinder running track – did Sir Roger Bannister set his sub-4 mile here?

By now I was 30 minutes into this run. The grass trail started to climb upwards and as I crested the hill I could smell primroses and saw a cast of youth half naked lying on the grass gazing at the city scape below.

Panoramic city view – and the smell of primroses.

I was now headed back to the hotel. And here is your final clue – the hotel. A building of awesome Gothic splendor, a railway hotel, an international transport hub. So where was I running? Answers will follow tomorrow.

Gothic splendor – a railway station from the Victorian Age

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