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Things We Do for Love

By Paul Thompson

I’m writing this while in Las Vegas. On Sunday Sham and I had a 16 hour day, most of it on a bus, day tripping to the Grand Canyon. It was not my idea of fun but today is Sham’s birthday and this was one of those things she’s always wanted to do. And I missed our anniversary last week. The things we do for…

This brings me onto the topic of the sacrifices me make for the things we love – like running. Often balancing life, as most people know it, and running is almost impossible. There often isn’t enough time or energy to do them both. I constantly find myself shoe–horning runs into a hectic day. And I know many of you do too. Here’s a recent example – a 7 day, 4 city work trip taking in London, Brussels, Vienna and concluding with a long weekend in London (to catch the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee).

My flight out of JFK, New York was at 10:55pm. I’d run 11 miles at 8am earlier that day at Rockefeller Preserve. It was now late and I was tired as I settled into my seat as the plane taxied on the runway. After a restless 2 hours sleep, dinner and breakfast, and a movie I touched down at T5 London Heathrow.

We connected with the gate at 11am. I had a 1pm meeting and had arranged to meet in the lobby of my hotel – the Renaissance St Pancras. I jogged from gate to Border control, caught the Heathrow Express, then the tube from Paddington to Kings Cross and after a 5 minute walk arrived in the lobby. At 1pm. It felt like I’d just won the Amazing Race.

After a 3 hour meeting I then headed to my room, got changed and hit the streets of London for a 10 mile run taking in Regents Park and Primrose Hill.

Arriving back at 5:45pm, I then showered, checked work emails and met a colleague in the lobby for drinks. After a few drinks and dinner at the world’s longest champagne bar I got back to my room at 11:30pm. I was asleep before I hit the pillow. At 6am the next morning my alarm bell rang. For a brief moment I contemplated having a snooze. But my conscience got the better of me and before long I was at it again. Running.

And 2 weeks later here I am again. The alarm rang out at 5am today: the only time running in Vegas is bearable at this time of year. And once again I spent a few moments battling with my conscience. And once again it won and I was back out there. The things we do for…

(Sham’s Footnote: Paul was impressed with the Grand Canyon. He’s now wants to do a rim to rim run!)