About Us

We are Paul and Shamala Thompson, a couple living in Peekskill, New York and dreaming of one day living and running in Boulder, Colorado. Paul is a fast masters runner who in spite of getting older somehow manages to stay fit and fast. Shamala has been running for years at the same speed and hopes to win her age group at 80 if she doesn’t slow down.

I’ve been a serious runner – some might say obsessive – for many years. My early running years were in the United Kingdom where I grew up, running for traditional harriers clubs in the Midlands, South London and West Yorkshire and representing town, county and region. I spent several years living and running in South East Asia and then moved to New York in 2004. A year later, I turned 40. I have consistently been the top masters’ runner in the New York area and often ranked as one of the top masters runners in the US by Running Times and UK by Athletics Weekly.  And in November 2016 I won a gold medal in the half marathon for M50-54 at the World Masters Athletics Championships. My goal is simple but immensely challenging: to slow the aging process by staying as fast as possible for as long as possible.

In my spare time I’m a self employed consultant focused on thought leadership and development of the global accountancy profession. My LinkedIn profile is here.

I describe myself as a “boom boom” runner but somehow have kept at it. I’ve even learnt to cope with running in the cold – a challenge for someone who grew up in tropical Singapore. Running gives me (lots of) time to think, to experience the outdoors and sometimes I may even feel good on a run.  I like to think I am the tortoise and Paul the hare. I’m an avid photographer (possibly compulsive) and some of the best photos I’ve taken have been while out running. Paul is a reluctant subject but, like the paparazzi, I often get to snap him when he least expects it.

Why This Blog
In October 2011 we bought an apartment in Boulder. While this could be seen as an impulsive move, it made perfect sense to us. If you’ve ever been to a place and thought “I’d love to live here one day” you’ll understand why we did it. While we still love living and working in New York, we dream of spending a part of our life in Boulder. With this blog, we hope to share our journey to boldly run in Boulder.

If you are interested in running with us in Boulder check out this page.

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