You’re a competitive masters runner or triathlete looking to break into the next level – local elite, national or international. Or you simply want to prove to yourself or others what you can achieve this side of 40. Or you just want to step things up in preparation for a big race. Or you fancy running a local race like the BolderBoulder or one of Lee Troop’s events. Then you, perhaps with partner or a few friends, should come to Boulder for a runcation where running is the vacation.

Why Boulder?

Aside from Boulder being a great place to live in or visit it’s also one of the best places anywhere to have a running vacation. It’s at the optimal altitude of 5,500 feet, with easy access to elevations over 8,000 feet, has great weather, has an incredible running community and corresponding ‘support system’, has many great places to train from track through to unpaved roads and rugged trails, and has lots to see and do.

Customized Runcation

We’ll develop and provide a customized runcation in Boulder for you. We’ll take care of all of the details including a bespoke training schedule, guided runs with an internationally ranked masters runner, runs with the premier local club and their elite athletes, one on one talks / sessions with leading distance coach, physical therapist, footwear and apparel specialist, strength trainer, nutritionist and more. All what you need to help you realize your potential. And not forgetting it’s a vacation we can show you Boulder’s must see vacation checklist.

Accommodation, Transport and Catering 

We can accommodate you at our spacious apartment in North Boulder (NoBo) or if you prefer book a nearby hotel or Airbnb. We can advise on how best to fly to nearby Denver International Airport (DIA), a 45 minute drive away. We can arrange transport to and from DIA, and in and around the Boulder area, by hire car, public transit or car service. And we can cater as you prefer, from a simple daily breakfast and self catering through to meals and drinks at Boulder’s best coffee bars and restaurants.

Sample of Runs and Workouts

To get a sense of what runs might be on the menu here’s a selection of my runs either straight from the apartment or within a short drive:

Boulder Running is a great resource for all things running in Boulder while this site serves as a guide to the trail running in the area.

If interested please contact us at

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  1. Thanks for providing so many excellent resources! I would love to spend a runcation in beautiful Boulder!

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